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Ayurveda Wellness Medical Doctor: Ayurveda Doctor may apply for this membership and use credential provided their training and teaching experience meet our requirements.

Membership Fee: $50

Ayurveda Wellness Therapist (AWT): Any Ayurveda Wellness therapist is eligible for this credential, having proper training qualification at our standard.

Membership Free: $50

Ayurveda Wellness Professional (AWP): Any Ayurveda Doctor / therapist one may apply for Ayurveda Wellness professional. Ayurveda Doctor must have at least two-year teaching experience and therapist must have 3 years teaching experience.

Membership Fee: $50

Ayurveda Wellness School (AWI): This designation is available to schools with a training taught by qualified Ayurveda Wellness Medical doctor (AWMD) or Ayurveda Wellness Teacher (AWT) and a curriculum meeting or exceeding our Standards.

Membership Fee: $150

Ayurveda Wellness Spa (AWS): This credential for any wellness spa, who has Ayurveda Wellness menu as well as at least one Registered Ayurveda Wellness Doctor or Registered Ayurveda Wellness Therapist.

Membership Fee: $100

Ayurveda Wellness Hotel (AWH): This credential for Ayurveda wellness hotel, who has at least one Ayurveda Wellness Medical Doctor and minimum two Ayurveda wellness therapist as well as Ayurveda menu as per our International Ayurveda Association.

Membership Fee: $300


  • International Ayurveda Association represents Ayurvedic Wellness professionals by working with government, educators, researchers, health funds and like-minded bodies.
  • Support your business by building a strong professional network.
  • To empowered Ayurvedic community to nurture the growth and presence of Ayurveda Wellness around the world.
  • An excellent way to continue your education in Ayurveda Wellness.
  • Get ready to receive recognition for your contribution to Ayurveda through various Professional Awards.
  • Share your clinical experience and expertise with International Ayurveda Association members to build a strong CV.
  • 10-20% Discount on conference workshops, seminars and classes hosted by Registered Ayurveda Wellness Institute.
  • 10% discount on Registered Ayurveda Wellness Spa and Hotel.

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